Oluwa Banjo - Dream Meets Reality

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe

World Music

Cameroonian artist and songwriter Oluwa Banjo has released his first EP, Dream Meets Reality (Disques Nuits d’Afrique), on 15 March 2024, with a major launch concert at Club Balattou on 16 March 2024.

A veritable ode to love, this 5-track EP showcases the artist’s great sensitivity. Marrying the influences of his native Cameroon with productions that lean towards urban music, Oluwa plunges us into his rich and intoxicating universe. The project was entirely composed and co-arranged by Charles-Williams Mpondo.

Following the tragic loss of his wife in 2018, Oluwa was invested with an inextinguishable energy and ardour. He then launched his own label, Ebony Black W Records, inspired by his late wife, which would lead to the production of Dream Meet Reality.



Oluwa got his start in music by chance at the age of 17 when he had just lost his grandmother. His brothers asked him to sing during this painful time in his life. His friends and family responded positively, and he has been singing ever since.

He went on to create a duo he called “Black Phase”, which featured songs about protecting nature and the environment.

Oluwa’s apprenticeship then continued in Cameroon’s most recognised cabarets, including the Famous Dreamland Cabaret in Bamenda, where he worked for nearly two years.Equipped with this valuable experience, Oluwa, who never gives up, decided to give himself one last chance at the 2016 edition of the prestigious Mutzig Star competition. He came third out of thousands of entrants.

Oluwa Banjo has turned to urban music, which suits his voice and style perfectly. In his music, he seeks to create a perfect blend of traditional and modern musical genres.

A passionate and energetic performer, Oluwa has kept his audience engaged and loyal with his remarkable stage presence.