Jean Jean Roosevelt - Libres Ensemble

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe

World Music
# AFR2-2402

Haitian-born songwriter Jean Jean Roosevelt is celebrating his recent move to Quebec with the release of his new album, Libres Ensemble (Disques Nuits d’Afrique).

A veritable ode to integration, this skilfully produced opus takes us on a journey through a blend of Haitian traditions, tropical influences and pop. With the collaboration of Sony Black, Corneille’s award-winning producer in the early days, on the arrangements, the artist offers us an album of great quality, a perfect balance between pop music and world music, on the universal theme of the mixing of cultures.

The ten tracks on Libres Ensemble feature chiselled, poetic and committed lyrics that are Jean Jean Roosevelt’s artistic strength. Sung mainly in French but also in Creole, his songs tackle themes such as living together, solidarity, gender equity, children’s rights and environmental conservation.




Jean Jean’s lucky star made him a well-known composer in Haiti. He found national success after creating a theme song that was a hit on the small screen across the island. It was a confident first step towards his musical destiny, thanks to his personal ability to create original vibrations. His parents instilled artistic roots in him. Her intimate story goes that her very birth was triggered by a choir in which her mother was the female orchestra member! The guitar resonated in the fingertips of his musician father, who introduced him to the six-string instrument at the age of six, winning prizes in amateur competitions.

With four albums already under his belt – Recommence (2007), Pinga (2009), Ya Danger (2012), and Ma Direction (2015) produced in Senegal at the Prince Arts studios – and several awards to his name, including the TV5 Monde prize in 2015 and, previously in 2013, first prize for song at the Jeux de la Francophonie in France, Jean Jean Roosevelt is making a mark on audiences with his sincerity and overflowing desire to transform the world, as he sings on Dessine ta destinée. The artist calls for new colours and greater compassion. A prayer that resonates with current events in Haiti and the darkness of insecurity and the exodus of its people in the face of chaos. The philosopher believes.