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Disques Nuits d’Afrique is pleased to announce the release of Bamako, Sophie Lukacs new album, available on all digital platforms since April 21, 2023.





“Bamako” is the debut album from kora player and singer-songwriter Sophie Lukacs. Recorded over 3 years almost entirely in Bamako, Mali, the music is a collection of original songs penned by Sophie, with support from an all-star cast of Malian musicians (Habib Koité, HawaKasséMadyDiabaté, MadouBassekouKouyaté). Deeply inspired by her time in Mali (7 years), and her long training in Western classical music, she offers a collection of songs with beautiful melodic lines, and distinct Malian grooves and licks from traditional instruments.


Forama and Yafa are sung in Bambara and feature the magnificent HawaKasséMadyDiabaté. TavasziSzél is a nod to Sophie’s Hungarian heritage and musical beginnings. When singing in English, it’s about the dissolution of love. Fighting for a relationship in the name of love is noble, but acknowledging when it no longer aligns with you and having the courage to let go, is also brave.


Having Habib Koité join Sophie on two songs on this album after seeing him play in Ouagadougou thirteen years before, was a dream she couldn’t have imagined. It reinforced a deep belief for her that we are all connected in love and that music is a conduit. She hopes this album can be a small contribution to that which unites us.






1. Yafa feat. Habib Koité

2. Falling

3. Before You feat. Habib Koité

4. Forama feat. Awa Kassé Mady Diabaté

5. Dream of Love feat. Jesse Ryan * Focus Track

6. TavasziSzél

7. Cité el Farako

8. Too Many Times







Hailing from Montreal by way of Budapest, Hungary, Sophie Lukacs is a kora player and singer songwriter. Trained on the violin in western classical music from a young age, a chance trip to Burkina Faso in her early twenties completely changed her musical direction, and her life. It’s there she discovered the kora: a 21-stringed harp-lute from the Mandingue empire. She began lessons shortly after, and travelled to Paris for a master class with kora legend ToumaniDiabaté. When he invited her to study with him in Bamako, Mali, she packed her bags and leapt into the unknown. Sophie spent seven years in Mali (learning fluent Bambara along the way), studying with kora masters ToumaniDiabaté and BallakeSissoko’s family.


Drawing inspiration from her time in Mali, as well as her earlier musical experiences – studies in western classical violin, and her roots in Hungarian folk music – she has forged a unique style in the folk tradition. Sophie’s music is rooted in love, empathy, and vulnerability, creating an intimate connection with listeners.


Sophie has played to audiences across Europe, Africa and North America. Most recently performing at Nuitsd’Afrique festival ’22, her debut album will be released in early 2023, and features 2 tracks with the legendary Habib Koité.