Andy Rubal is like a fiery ruby whose spark lights up all of Cuba, not to mention Montreal. Salsa’s burning passion, its sensuality, that’s the invitation Rubal sends out to his broad fan base. Singer, pianist, musical director … who hasn’t heard of this Cuban artist who is an integral part of Montreal’s vida loca? His incredible musical journey started at just six years old, when his natural instinct for rhythm landed him in the band Baby Salsa! Wandering the length and breadth of his island, the artist honed his skills at Havana’s Instituto Superior de Arte. Since 2013, he’s been welcomed around the globe with open arms because of the unsatiable appetite for his Latin music.


A major turning point for Rubal came in 2017, when this exceptional artist‘s debut album, El que Busca Encuentra, was released by EGREM, the same record label as the iconic Buena Vista Social Club, and was nominated for best salsa album by a new artist at the Cuba Disco Awards. Irresistibly charming, his charisma is on full display with singer Florence K on “Moi Ton Roi.” He can also be playful in his passion for Latin American rhythms as on “Estoy Casado,” a song that also features Boogát. There can be no doubt, this young “Enamorado en Montreal” artist is taking over the planet with his millions of fans who can’t get enough of him on listening platforms or otherwise. So, Festival International Nuits d’Afrique is super pumped to have him perform for three Cuban Salsa evenings!

Andy Rubal
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 38e