An outstanding trio grounded in Caribbean Creole blues and powerful riffs. The lead singer, Pascal Danaë, a soul born to give his all to music, has played with some of the world’s most illustrious musicians, including Youssou N’Dour, Neneh Cherry, Laurent Voulzy and Gilberto Gil. This singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist started on his musical journey forging his own path until 2016, when he joined forces with drummer Baptiste Brondy and Rafgee, virtuoso of the huge brass bass sousaphone. Inspired by the indelible memory of Louis Delgrès (1766-1802) and his anti-slavery struggle against Napoleon’s regime in the French Antilles, the band traces a human odyssey into the lands with which they identify, anchoring their roots in the archipelagos. A blend of melodies flavoured by the past so that we may never forget the open-hearted man who died fighting in a rebellion rather than live on his knees. Their debut album entitled, Mo Jodi (Die today), is an ode to this unforgettable hero. In 2020, they released, 4:00 AM, a second musical chapter, looking to today’s resistance fighters and brave hearts rising at the first light of day.


A luminous Creole flame burns within this tight band whose music expresses a whole range of emotions. Underlying it all, a simmering anger at the darkest chapter in the history of the island chain that borders the Caribbean Sea; exasperation at political failings but also the resilience of the people can be heard in their anthem “Respecté Nou,” while the intimate sensitivity of confession permeates their tender “Pardoné Mwen.” From one song to the next, the guitar jogs our memory to inspire an intense present-day journey, a call to dance with every fibre of your being. A memorable experience from a trio that harnesses trance like a second wind, a second chance…

Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 37e