El Son Sono

The beats generated by El Son Sono will get you dancing and are imbued with an authenticity that attests both to their attachment to their roots and to an assumed urbanity – a triumphant melting pot of jazz-infused Peruvian waltzes, rumba, cumbia, festejo and salsa.

Founded in Montréal, El Son Sono is first and foremost a family story. Élodie and Tito, a sister and brother born to Peruvian and Québécois parents, bring South American rhythms to life.

Their love of traditional compositions connects perfectly with the wealth of styles offered by their musicians, who come from varied musical backgrounds. String instruments and jazz accents take pride of place, drawing us with disconcerting ease into an atmosphere that is both folkloric and urban.

Their interest in music and their knowledge of Peruvian culture is owed primarily to their father. Élodie and Tito maintain Francophone influences from their Québec childhood, freely added to their creations, which are both original and danceable.

The winner of the first prize at the 12th Syli d’Or of World Music in 2019, the group uses its rising profile to present an unexpected palette spanning acoustic sensibility, traditional Québec music and brass-enhanced Latin beats.

Their début album, Paso a Paso, highlights this fabulous melting pot, stirring interest from the Conseil des arts de Montréal and Vision Diversité’s MUZ showcase. The happy winner of the MUZ Coup de cœur award in 2019, El Son Sono is turning their artistic ambitions to reality.

The quality of their performances and their tremendous energy on stage are burnishing the reputation of these seven musicians, which is sure to be reflected on the Festival stage.

El Son Sono
Pérou - Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 35e