Mike Paul is an Ilnu songwriter born on the shores of Pekuakami Lake in Mashteuiatsh. Nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Prize and the Indigenous Music Awards in 2019, he is one of the pioneers of his community in the music industry where he has worked for 28 years. 


The friendly Carcajou (Kuekuatsheu) comes back to us in force with his 3rd album «Ashuapmushuan» (where we watch the moose). Guided by the river and the spirit of the winds, his voice resonates in the universe for the protection of the living on assi (land) and for the pride of the thousand-year-old culture of his Ilnu people of hunter-gatherers. The recipient of the Impulsion CALQ 2019 grant offers us a magnificent innovative album with progressive rock and folk tones in Ilnu, French and English language that takes us to the heart of Nutshimit (inland) and the myths and legends of the First Peoples. 


New show ASHUAPMUSHUAN by Mike Paul is colorful. 4 musicians on stage with a regalia pow wow dancer will immerse you in the heart of the musical universe of the First Peoples. A highly regarded, rhythmic Aboriginal folk rock show with excellent reviews.

First Nations- Ilnu
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique - 36e édition