Poppy Duverné

Author, composer, performer, producer, Poppy Duverné is a Haitian artist. A man with an imposing character but endowed with great sensitivity, he conveys the image of an optimistic, positive, ambitious man who is very devoted to his loved ones.

This singer, with various talents had the opportunity to contribute to the supervision of many young talents on the Haitian musical scene. He also played and participated in the foundation of various musical formations as evangelical, the source of his very first inspiration in the footsteps of his uncle Rigaud Duverné and worldly groups to enrich himself socially and culturally of his identity.

We can cite some groups, such as: Alabanza, Julien Janvier, Jehud, Zetwal, Genesis, Salem International, Revelasyon, Nou2, Reskape Mizik that have benefited greatly from his talents. Without forgetting his contributions and his accompaniments as producer and/or maestro and/or musical director on numerous musical projects of the young artists of repute of today, such as: Belo Ayiti with the album [Lakou Trankil] and the Price Discovery of [RFI 2006] caused the opening of his musical career through a great international tour in the continents of Africa, Europe and America.

“ESPOIR, which translates all my emotions in relation to my past, socially, economically, socially and also a small political aspect of my country where I lived most of my time. To tell everyone that there is still HOPE despite everything…..”

This new project Hope translates the emotions and the ups and downs of the artist’s life. This opus contains about ten titles. It will be a range of rhythms, with a pronounced flavor of R&B and compas, the universe of music preferred by this musician with multiple talents. This young man who abhors violence, advocates mutual love between beings regardless of social rank, skin color and religious denomination, evolves and intends to present his creations to the entire population.

The invitation is already extended to you. A star will shine for the pleasure of your senses and its melodies will touch your heart!


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Poppy Duverné
R&B, Compas