These seven musicians are part and parcel of Montreal’s sizzling nightlife. Sharing their salsa like a gift from heaven, the group revolves around its leaders, Ramos Cespedes and musical director Julio de Armas. Since 2021, Cuban groove has been their creative barometer for the art of living. And with the seven of them, the result is a masterful, joyful, intoxicating Caribbean experience to be savoured…

As a traditional Latin music ensemble, the septet is perfect for large gatherings. That’s why Festival International Nuits d’Afrique is giving them pride of place in the Parterre. The band is not new to the Festival either, as they have also performed at the Acoustic Cabaret at Club Balattou. No stranger to Montreal’s cosmopolitan music scene, Septeto de Montréal even made a splash at a Formula One event. With this group, glamour and flamboyance can be found on the same strand of their DNA. These sensational artists, including Issac Delgado and Haila Maria Mompie, bathe in the glow of such bright lights that their halo would be difficult to dislodge. In addition to salsa, their repertoire includes music from Havana’s “Golden Age,” from the popular guaracha to bolero, which gives an idea of the breadth of musical expression delivered by this spectacular septet that lives and breathes Cuban music.

Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 38e