Originally from Algeria, this Montreal-based singer concocts a mélange of raï, Berber, chaabi and flamenco to create a sound unlike any other. His world is all about relationships, love 2.0, like the ardent text messages of his addictive “Nti Nsitini” music video. Encouraged by his father, a respected chaabi master, to explore his musical path, the singer-songwriter pursued many avenues to develop his skills and earn his place among the big names. At seventeen, Youba’s focus was on the classical form and, during a singing contest in his beloved Algeria, his voice left many stunned. His way of breathing new life into this traditional folk style catapulted him towards stardom, with his participation in the national song contest, Alhan Wa Chabab (The Algerian Superstar) and his appearance on Arab Idol, which ranked among the eight best Arab singing voices in the world, no less!


Riding the winds of success at home, it didn’t take long for Youba Adjrad to dive headfirst into exploring the world beyond. By 2014, he was using YouTube to broadcast his music videos, and his irresistible mix of raï and flamenco garnered a substantial following; by 2017, his popularity opened the doors to Europe and Africa where his heady rhythms have continued to spread.

Algeria - Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 37e