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Joyce N'Sana

Country: Congo - Qc.
Musical style:
Grande Scène TD Radio-Canada
aParterre du Quartier des spectacles (coin St-Urbain / de Maisonneuve)
Date: 07/18/2019
Time: 17:00
Price: Free

Joyce N'Sana

“With her deep soul-tinged voice, she spreads her faith by delivering a message of love, self-esteem and forgiveness, which she expresses in French or English, in Lari or Lingala” (Le Journal de Montréal, 2013). Her style, the sum of her life experiences, is defined by Joyce N’Sana herself: she calls it Afrobluhop. This pesky arrangement of reggae, gospel and jazz perfectly suits the soul and the caressing voice of this gracious singer.


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