Naxx Bitota

Country: RD Congo - Qc
Voix du Monde presented by TV5
Date: 10/15/2020
Time: 20:00
Price: FREE
VOIX DU MONDE SERIES, presented by TV5

Naxx Bitota

Voix du Monde Series, presented by :

In every register, from the most festive to the most melancholy, her voice stands out. It resonates. It’s moving. It’s the type of voice that accentuates the major events in life. Her stage presence is also impressive. The lively Naxx Bitota embodies the strength and splendour of the Congolese women, Her rumba, performed in sébéné style with long improvised guitar sequences, flirts with soukouss. Naxx Bitota brings her personal touch, plugged into a modern Afropop that makes everything irresistible.

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