March 31, 2022 00:00:00
NAXX BITOTA | Single Poso Oyo
NAXX BITOTA | Single Poso Oyo

NAXX BITOTA | Single Poso Oyo

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe

Album Artiste
Afro Pop - Reggae - Mutuashi

With her first single Poso Oyo, Naxx Bitota delivers to the world a powerful track steeped in Congolese culture and rich with a poignant universal message. Recorded in Togo with the musicians of Peace Forever, this melodious reggae ending in a powerful Mutuiashi exhorts humanity to reach out to one another and not judge one another by their differences. The clip shot in the streets of Lomé invites to take action! A first track committed and inspiring! 


Poso Oyo, the first single of the artist Naxx Bitota took time to mature. It has its origins in the artist’s past, where, as a teenager, Naxx was the only black person in a small village in Belgium. It was his first conscious confrontation with the fear of the other. Realizing that this deep ignorance sometimes gives birth to racism will be the foundation of Naxx’s writing and composition work.  This title speaks about the discrimination as for the color of skin but not only. 


With Poso Oyo, but also in the rest of the album to come in July 2022, learning to know the other is a theme at the heart of the project.    


From Lumumba to Mandela through Sankara and Kimpa Vita, Naxx pays tribute with this single to African men and women who, just like her today, tried to fight against differences decades ago. The fight continues.





Born under The Sun of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Naxx discovers her passion for music at the age of 9 and pursues within several choirs of different styles: gospel, traditional, classical, folk in Congo and then in Belgium. 


Today, author, composer and performer, Naxx is greatly influenced by classical music and popular music of her country of origin, especially Rumba and Sebene rhythms. She shows through her compositions, her passion and talent to create on the different rhythms of Africa.


Thanks to her artistic generosity, her extraordinary energy, her passion for singing, but especially her very personal sound, she performs on several local and international stages. Committed but very festive, she pursues her inspiration in her style “Afro Pop Symphonic” of great quality.