Compilation 2016

Syli d'Or

Syli d'Or
10st edition
World Music

From Cuba to Ethiopia via Algeria and Burkina Faso, the finalists of the 2016 Golden Syli offer you a compilation full of discoveries.


Proyecto Iré celebrates the marriage of African and Cuban culture, with music that transforms the rhythms of the past into today’s sounds.


The K-Iri duo draws its influence as much from the rhythms of ethio-jazz as from contemporary soul and Nomad ‘Stones, which crosses the genres and mixes reggae, chaabi or even gypsy jazz in a homogeneous way.


This compilation is an opportunity to support Canada’s world music scene and to perpetuate the diversity of sounds across the country.


The album was recorded LIVE during the grand finale of the Syli d’Or in front of a conquered audience!



Listes des pistes:

1. PROYECTO IRÉ – Cuba, Jamaica

2. K-IRI – Hiwote

3. NOMAD’STONES – Salitou

4. PROYECTO IRÉ – Raices

5. K-IRI – K-Iri

6. K-IRI – My Heart Skips A Beat

7. NOMAD’STONES – Khawetna

8. PROYECTO IRÉ – Pa’Mi Nganga

9. K-IRI – Iiquo Dan

10. NOMAD’STONES – Mayou