Don’t rub your eyes or change your glasses: these six letters do indeed allude to its connection with the pulse of Mama Afrika…  and these Montrealers, passionate about covering North African hits, have the power to take the songs to new heights and to get their audiences moving to the rhythms of Algerian raï, chaoui (shawiya) and kabyle. Afirka Band, which is made up of virtuoso musicians who play with grace and skill, using traditional instruments such as the darabuka drum—an amazing goblet-shaped membranophone—also stands out for its unique repertoire of covers. Performance maestros known for those subtle notes rising out of their souls imbued with Algeria’s splendour.

These six musical ambassadors know no bounds and sail through their ideal repertoire on the fragrant desert breeze at the gates of the Algiers of yesterday, today and beyond. Afirka brings its guitars, violins and the Algerian mandoles to life, enchanting audiences with an international outlook… guys turned into the wind, ready for take off to the worlds of the Berber tribes and mysterious Tuaregs.

Algeria - Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique 2023