Akawui is a Chilean singer-songwriter. His father introduced him to South American folk music at the age of 3. With a Chilean-aboriginal cultural heritage, he is inspired by his roots and explores the musicality of this mixture. Akawui mixes musical genres such as salsa-cumbia and hip-hop with Andean, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. He describes his style as music of the Americas, reflecting a percussive richness with an electronic punch. Akawui addresses the subjects that are dear to him with humor, sarcasm and love.


At the age of 15, Akawui was already serious about music and started studying Brazilian percussion. In 2008, following his passion for Brazilian music, Akawui joined a Brazilian musical group as a percussionist. In 2010, he followed an intensive percussion training in Brazil. Upon his return, he decided to form his own tropical music band, Banda Aydê, where he was the lead singer. With this group, he released a single called Dia de Festa (Party Day), a song in the typical style of Salvador de Bahia carnivals. Today, Akawui has launched himself as an independent singer by surrounding himself with musicians of diverse origins.


Anxious to introduce the Quebec public to the music of the Americas, he participates in musical events such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Festival Diversité. Beyond the stage, Akawui is concerned about young people, and he uses his artistic talent to work with teenagers and give them the confidence to persevere, both in school and in life.


Akawui won the Syli d’Or de la Musique du Monde in 2014,  such as the Afropop Award for Best Stage Performance among the nine semi-finalists of the event.

Chili - Quebec
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 36e