Biography :


Anachnid, woman from heaven falling to earth, the Socan Foundation’s Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year 2019, is a multidisciplinary Oji-Cree artist who grew up in Wakefield and now lives in Montreal. Her totem animal, the eight-legged spider, Anachnid embodies complex personalities: venomous spirit, young woman in love, benevolent grandmother… She presents her unusual musical universe with a first album Dreamweaver released in February 2020 which was selected on the long list of the Polaris Prize.


Dreamweaver is a marriage of emotions and sounds, inspired by the artist’s mixed universe. A hybrid and sensual style of electro-pop, trap, indie, soul and hip-hop, animal sounds, drum and flute evocative of his ancestral cultures. On stage, Anachnid interweaves her web bitingly accurate political response with straight up sass in her dance floor hits before sliding into soft aching romantic tracks and assumed fragility. She represents the voice of a new generation of young indigenous creators, strong, emancipated and non-negotiable.

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