A powerful and captivating voice, that of singer Hamza Abouabdelmajid, proud Montrealer whose guitar playing and pen brim with the sprit of his native Morocco. And musicians Annick, Anit, Marton, Sylvain and Gabriel, each passionate about their instruments, the oboe, violin, keyboard… together they have created an irresistible recipe called Ayrad. Over the past few months, from Marseille to Western Canada, they have been touring their album, III. The six merry troubadours, plugged into the Moroccan musical frequency, both traditional and revamped, already have in their sac three albums reverberating in sonic harmony. Since 2014, they have been seriously adopted by Quebecers because this sextet really knows how to groove. Winners of the ADISQ and Folk Music Awards, among others, the group is absolutely electrifying on stage, driving their genius into the nomadic frontiers of Gypsy funk, Maghrebi-style rock, Chaabi, and raï while giving space to electronic and reggada—the pith of Berber war dances. No time to catch your breath with Ayrad, whose music has successfully conquered such countries as Scotland, Qatar, Tunisia and the USA. Beware: full on energetic!

Morroco, Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique 2023