Azara was founded by singer and composer Fernando Gallego Torres, in 2017 with the collaboration of pianist Gabriel Evangelista. This band is composed of musicians Henry Craft (guitar), Diego Parrot (Bass) and Hanser Santos (Percussion). It has been performing regularly in Montreal since its inception. The band performed at the Latin Awards Gala Show in 2020.  Currently AZARAis immersed in the recording of their first CD


Fernando Gallego Torres “El Bancalero” was born in Cadiz. He began his career at the age of 9, performing in several flamenco peñas and ferias of the Iberian Peninsula. In Canada, he has collaborated as a flamenco singer with the Carmen Romero Company, the Zingari Flamenco Company, the Esmeralda Enrique Company, the María Serrano Company in Toronto and the Rosanne Dion Company in Montreal. He has shared the stage with other great singers such as Manuel Moneo and María del Mar Fernández, he has also sung for the dancer Raul Ortega at the Théâtre Maisonneuve of the PDA in Montreal, and at the Palais Montcalm-Maison de la musique in Quebec City. Throughout 2018, he is touring the Maisons de la Culture with the show “Des mots sur mesure VII”. Producer, creator and flamenco singer for several personal projects that have taken the stage in Montreal and Toronto, such as “DE IDA Y VUELTA”, “A DOCE PASOS”, “RETURN”, “VOLVER A CAI” and many more.

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Espagne, Cuba, Colombie
Flamenco, Copla, Bolero