Bal de L'Afrique enchantée

LE BAL DE L’AFRIQUE ENCHANTÉE (The Enchanted Africa Ball)

Nuits d’Afrique anniversary special: 35 years of stories and music encapsulated in an explosive celebration, to be seen and reseen. It’s going to rock!


LE BAL DE L’AFRIQUE ENCHANTEE takes the audience on a musical journey across the African continent, spanning styles, countries and eras.


More than two years after stepping aside, the three MCs of the France Inter radio show L’Afrique enchantée, Soro Solo, Vladimir Cagnolari and Hortense Volle, along with the band Les Mercenaires de l’Ambiance, are back on stage for one reason and one reason only: to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique!

Les Mercenaires de l’Ambiance are a dance machine made up of 11 versatile musicians and singers who perform the great hits of the modern African repertory. From Ghanaian highlife to Congolese rumba, not to mention Nigerian Afrobeat, this is an opportunity for the public to get to know the beats as well as the stories of the African continent.

Vlad, Solo and their niece Hortense recount the historical and political context that led to the often legendary songs, some of whose original performers appeared at the festival.


Platoon leader: Christophe Cagnolari

MCs: Vladimir Cagnolari, Soro Solo and Hortense Volle




Ballou Canta, vocals

Kandy Guira, vocals

Christophe Cagnolari, saxophone

David Dupuis, trumpet

Olivier caron, trombone

Christian Templet, drums

William Monkama, percussions

Bisou Bass, bass

Abdoulaye Traore, guitar

Florian de Junnemann, guitar

Philippe Montagne, keyboards

Bal de L'Afrique enchantée
France - Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 35e