Talented three times over, this brilliant Brazilian singer-songwriter was born to shine! When she was just three years old, her singing voice was already being broadcast over the airwaves of a community radio station, to the great pride of her family. Eager to develop her innate vocal abilities, she explored every tonality she came across, conscious of a world to be celebrated… through music. The key to her inspiration? Unpretentious, inclusive cultural fusion, and life, which holds the promise of happiness. Rocha lifts the veil on the earth’s fragile balance on her album, Fim de mundo. A first melodic chapter where levitation and reflection on ecology and the human condition are intertwined.


With youthful confidence, Bianca Rocha doesn’t balk at any performance opportunity. From one festival to the next, she moves forward without ever turning her back one her South Brazilian homeland, a true gaúcha at heart! Arriving Montreal in 2019, she has also taken part in Mexico’s Jazz & Rhythms Festival, the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival, and has definitely become a Nuits d’Afrique favourite.

Bianca Rocha
Brazil - Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 37e