Iration Steppas Sound System is the foundation of the West Yorkshire underground bass music scene. Mark Iration and Dennis Rootikal met in the early 1990’s when sound system culture was changing and the music was evolving. This partnership led to the development of the most progressive style of reggae and dub, which has inspired a generation of new sound systems and dub producers such as O.B.F, King Alpha, Dubkasm and many more.


For the past 30 years Iration Steppas have pushed boundaries on sound system technology, continually improving to stay at the top of their game, and have collected possibly the widest plethora of dubplates and specials of any sound system.


Iration Steppas have built a proud discography with albums such as Original Dub D.A.T., Dubs from the High Regionz and Dub Arena – as well as many singles, still very listened to in the whole world.

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