Musical heavy weights loaded to the hilt with Caribbean rhythms! This unshakeable trio composed of Andre Whiteman, Wayne Stoute and Ross Whiteman have been together since 1973 and are as popular as ever. Their music has been featured in films and TV shows, such as Taxi to L.A. (1997) and the Netflix series, The Fosters. Originally from Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago, the three companions have since made Montreal their base. Initially attracted to Brooklyn’s urban lifestyle, Jab Djab’s style and temperament have matured like good rum. These guys never get old, their wild festive party is ignited with jumbie jumps and spirited performances!  Their first album, Jump Up and Jam, or Spirit Move Ya, with its catchy tunes like “Masala,” are timeless. True camaraderie is their special ingredient, the band’s members never pass up an opportunity to play with their music buddies, always ready to accompany the slightest melodious tremor. A lifelong commitment to spread the love of music, for pleasure and their lively fans who are always clamouring for more…

Jab Djab
Trinidad, Grenade, Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique 2023