Formed in 2021, during Armenia’s post-war year, JINJ’s burst of sound provides musical therapy for the afflicted population. An urgent mission to preserve a culture that faces the risk of erasure. JINJ is fascinating duo whose sound seems to invoke that supernatural creature with infinite powers—the genie, or jinn. No mere trifling trend, this Armo-Beat force of nature tries to reimagine a new motherland rising up between past and future. In Armenia, JINJ represents serenity.


Motivated by a deep desire to expand on all fronts, JINJ believes that music has therapeutic virtues, like a balm for all ills. A strong shield to protect their broken country, their music aims to ensure that nothing is forgotten: music is part of the reconstruction. Sevana Tchakerian and Gor Tadevosyan weave notes and rhythms in deeply touching ways. Each composition expresses the drive to rebuild a chaos-free Armenian world, an instinctive creative reflex, a reviving breath, an ode to the beauty of the land that defines them, with green mountains, rural charm and cityscapes, spaces that feed the soul. They take their inspiration from Armenian folklore, which they express through electronic, folk and French rap.


The Franco-Armenian sensation has already caught the attention of the UK press, which sees it as a natural vital force. Through them, a whole community of war refugees sings and cries out for resistance, for survival, creating an intense experience to commune with the Armenian people. Catharsis-in-progress, with hits like Khosa Khosa, Cheat Code and Hov Arek.

Armenia - France
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 37e