Born in Jeremie on the southwest coast of Haiti. Known as the “City of Poets,” Jeremie has a history of a generation of politically engaged artists. Raised in a musical family with religions split between Voodoo and Protestantism, Jonas was surrounded by many of the country’s deep traditions from an early age. He began writing songs as a child, including a successful local rara band while still a teenager. 


In 1993, Jonas embarked on an ill-fated trip with his grandmother, a famous leader of a local rara band. He became a survivor of one of the biggest maritime disasters of recent times, the sinking of the Neptune, a ferry traveling from Jeremie to Port-au-Prince. 


In his twenties, Jonas moved to Port-au-Prince to pursue his musical dreams. He has earned a reputation as a passionate and moving singer with an infectious energy on stage. Although he is often called upon to sing on other stars’ hits, Jonas has developed his own style of songwriting that blends traditional rara and vodou with Haitian reggae and pop styles. He is one of Lakou Mizik’s main songwriters with lyrics that mix a sharp political message with choruses that never fail to get the crowd moving. He says that to this day, his grandmother inspires him and he thinks of her every time he is on stage. 


During the year 2020, while in Montreal, Jonas ATTIS was able to record and launch a EP entitled “Si M te ou, M tap wont” which will announce his solo album. And, currently back in the city of world diversity, Jonas is continuing his musical experimentation and recording of unreleased songs through various studios in the Montreal area for his solo album, scheduled for the summer of 2022. 

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