King Shadrock

True to his cultural and musical roots, King Shadrock is one of Canada’s leading reggae artists.

His upbringing in tough Montego Bay neighbourhoods had a major influence on him. As a youth, he would sneak out to sound systems. Music was always part of his life.

King Shadrock’s musical journey really began with dates around the world. From Africa to the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean or North America, he always impressed the crowds.

With his album Ginga, put together by Makoka Productions, we could see the artist develop. The variety of his flow and the timbre of his atypical voice compare favourably with some of Jamaica’s top artists today.

This year, King is bringing out a new album titled Phoenix Rising, a musical treat that reggae lovers can get their teeth into. The accompanying music is dense and well adapted to King Shadrock’s earthy voice and captivating style.

King Shadrock
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