Of the need to assert one’s identity. This is how Francbâtards defines its artistic path. A leitmotif that the group never ceases to radiate, it takes its name from the diverse francophone origins of its members: Quebec, Reunion Island and Mauritius. 


A common passion for the 7th art is at the origin of the friendship between the original members, and the irresistible desire to “blow up the crowds”, at the origin of the formation, which counts today nine members: Alex Paquette (vocals), Jérôme Cadet (vocals and guitar), Maxime Cormier (bass), Adrien Chulo (bass and keyboard), Julien Rose (drums, percussion and saxophone), Félix Rheault (trumpet), Tim Savard (trombone), Geneviève Duplin (saxophone) and Sam Hampell (saxophone). 


This mix of culture, music and thoughts dictates the musical horizon of the collective. It is also in this mixture of genres that they draw the festive energy that has made their reputation since the beginning. Between ska, reggae and afrobeat, it’s impossible not to be carried away by their contagious good mood! 


Francbâtards’ eponymous first opus released in June 2014 quickly sets the tone. It is in 2015, after 5 years of existence that they give their hundredth concert at the Montreal Ska Festival at the Petit Campus. 


Francbâtards will present their latest EP Karné, whose rhythmic and protesting compositions are reminiscent of Les Colocs or Loco Locass. A more than laudatory comparison, which promises a whole evening for the greatest pleasure of festival-goers and fans!

Isle Reunion - Mauritius - Qc
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique - 36e édition