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Ancestral and root music of the peoples of the earth.

The meeting between Senegal and the Mi’gmaq culture.

Mi’gmafrica is the mystical encounter between two cultures connected to mother earth and the spirit of the ancestors. Melodies, songs, tributes to the elders and prayers combine in power to take you to the confines of human history.  Two traditions, two continents, which draw their inspiration and strength from the same source, the roots of the earth.

Sadio Sissokho, emeritus griot of Senegal, shares with the kora and the voice the traditional Manding songs of West Africa.

Valérie Ivy Hamelin, an artist from the Mi’gmaq nation of Gespeg, accompanies him with her hand drum, flute and voice, adding traditional native Mi’gmaq songs and her personal inspirations through the melody of the kora. This unusual duo, accompanied by Éric Bégin on double bass and vocal harmonies, is propelled by Thierry Arsenault on drums.

Senegal, Mi'gmaq
Nuits d'Afrique à l'année