Born in 1981 in the province of Benguela (Angola), Ndaka Yo Wiñi came into contact with music early on, attending traditional community ceremonies as a child, where he learned the dances, rhythms and rituals of the Ovimbundu culture.


After starting his career in 2011, he quickly became a continental reference of Afro Jazz, transporting his listeners to a parallel world where traditions are still well patented.


The singing artist fuses traditional rhythms with the modern sounds of jazz, blues, reggae and folk, drawing inspiration from the music of ethnolinguistic groups such as the Ovimbundu, Kwanhama, Kilapanga and Tchianda. As a strong defender of Angolan cultural values, Ndaka Yo Wiñi carries each of them in his lyrics.


He stands out for the difference in his journey from promoting his native language to traditional sounds, touting his ancestral influences by developing local ethnic music records.


2018 sees the release of his first album ‘Olukwembo’, the result of four years of research on Angolan folklore, myth and especially the history of music, whose compositions oscillate between tradition and modernity. 

Angola - Quebec
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 36e