Nino & Electric Soul

The band’s musical style can be summed up in the terms Soul and RnB, Noah Casseus, the band’s leader, calls it Electric Soul. He makes music that is good for the soul, but he also likes to add an electric energy to it. He draws a lot of inspiration from Anderson Paak, Angelo, Marvin Gaye and many other legends of black American music. 


Noah Casseus, musically known as Nino Flamenco, is the leader of the band Nino & Electric Soul. He is 22 years old and lives in Brossard, Quebec, Canada. He sings, writes and plays guitar and also handles the musical arrangements and direction of the band.

 Since his early childhood, he grew up in music alongside his mother, singer Sylvie DesGroseillers. He continues in music through the death metal band Blisstonia to finally find something that resonated more in him at the time: flamenco and Latin culture.

In 2019 he enrolled in the jazz guitar program at Cégep Saint Laurent to learn the source of his favorite music. During the very first confinement, he perfects his skills by practicing solos by the great Wes Montgomery and, over the course of the school year, he learns several great techniques on improvisation and transcription. In the summer of 2021, he gathered some songs he had already composed and created his band called Nino & Electric Soul.


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Nino & Electric Soul
Soul, R&B