Originally from Cameroon, Oluwa is passionate about creating the perfect blend of traditional and modern musical genres in all his music to find that rare contemporary brand of intoxicating sounds and rhythms that are appreciated by young and old alike. 


He sees himself in the role of peace fighter and social advocate. This is reflected in his lyrics, which are often very educational and create a pronounced awakening in the minds of listeners. He is an exciting and energetic performer who can keep his audience engaged and satisfied for long periods of time with his remarkable stage gestures and dance moves. 


Following the tragic loss of his spouse in 2015, Oluwa was invested with a new energy and unquenchable fervor that leads him to success and inspires pride. In 2015, he launched his own label, Ebony Black W Records, inspired by his late wife.


He draws his motivation from Almighty God, his older brother Andre and his mother. He is also motivated by the works of other artists, including 2 Face Idibla, Salatiel, and Mr. Leo, to name a few.

Cameroun - Qc
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique - 36e édition