Paula Alecu

Paula Alecu is a singer of traditional Romanian music. On stage she sings and represents all the regions of Romania. From the Carpathians to the plains of Oltenie, from Moldavia to Maramures, she brings joy through her music. She has been performing for 10 years in Montreal and its surroundings, her joy of singing comes from within, it is a feeling that cannot be described with words, it is the vibration of the soul at the highest level. I like to give people a part of me, something that I want to preserve in a beautiful memory for the next time I meet them and that’s why I say: “From my soul to your hearts”, Paula confides.

For her, what she does is the love for folklore and the desire to transmit this heritage to future generations. She likes to share this richness with other cultures. No matter where she sings, she can do it as long as she brings joy to people! 



Paula Alecu
Musique traditionnelle roumaine