With sparkling eyes and outward candour, Rebecca Jean’s world is highly nuanced. Recognized for her talents from France to Montreal, this singer-songwriter, who is as adept in writing as in theatre and that seventh art, film, is also very involved at the community level. Her lyrics have given a leg up to artists who have braved the reality music shows, Star Académie and La Voix. Big thrills on a small screen! Rebecca’s beautiful voice can often be heard on CBC and RDI, or Radio France International, but also live, at Montreal’s Cabaret du Lion d’Or or Place des Arts. Her secret? Her conviction that music is a magical bridge between heaven and earth. For Rebecca Jean, whose dream is reborn every day, it makes no difference where you are from. Hers is an invitation to all, to live side by side and embrace differences.


This proud Creole singer, who always has Haiti in her heart, released her self-titled debut album Rebecca in 2006, followed by Vortex – Le Film, Semer pour s’élever – Coffret de méditations in 2016 and Antidote in 2022. Hers is a vision for a better world.

Haiti - Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 37e