Ronald Lebeau & Kwaliti’s cover of Muzion’s classic “Lavi ti Nèg” (Rasanble) rekindle the Haitian spirit during a time of crisis, causing a wave of solidary to reach the shores of the “Pearl of the Antilles” in the grip of chaos. Haiti is where Ronald Waner Azor was born and immersed himself in gospel music, which served as his first musical training. Later, he was more drawn to George Michael, Joel Theodore and the Caribbean Sextet. By 1996, his talent had already earned him tour dates. While exiled in the States, Hatian compas and rara music began to take root in his soul. Still very much within him, he combines these with a good dose of Caribbean Afropop and zouk. He and his band Kwaliti create a blend of rhythms from their homeland as if to keep the Haitian cultures firmly anchored. A whirlwind of life in song with Alain Jean Louis and Ronald Lebeau on vocals, leading each in turn. They both firmly believe in music’s therapeutic power, uniting them in a single aim. A labour of love that shone brightly under the 2021 Syli d’Or spotlight, earning them a Syli Bronze. All for the great pleasure of the community gathered for a Haitian revival, and always with a smile.

Ronald Lebeau & Kwaliti
Haiti, Qc
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique 2023