Exponential creativity distilled in an artist whose identity is rooted in two countries: Senegal and Guadeloupe. This captivating performer, who finds expression through her pen, guitar and voice, is also a music producer. Bursting with so much talent, how could she not invent her own style of music? Senya is behind “Soûlkreôl,” an amazing combination of jazz and soul and follows in the footsteps of the legendary voices that emerged in roaring twenties and the post-war era; the celestial spirit of American spirituals, and a whole cascade of rhythms found in funk, Afrobeat, Guadeloupean gwoka and Cameroonian mokassa because, through her vocals, music from the continent and the island become one.


Alert to life and its promises, the musical artist relies on five valiant instrumentalists to help her transpose her imagination into sound. A world where men and women from the great musical era answering to Marley, Dibango, Evora and Simone rub shoulders; or Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor, proud poets who founded the “Négritude” movement that fostered a meaningful cultural and artistic identity. From a branch on the gigantic tree, which also holds Africanité and Créolité, Senaya blossoms in the purest expression of diversity.

Guadeloupe, Senegal, Quebec