The volcanic combo from France and Chili set everywhere they go alight with their cumbia and Manu Chao-like festive spirit. Sidi Wacho erupts with Balkan brass madness, accordion waltzes and two crazy MCs. After three albums, Libre (2016), Bordeliko (2018) and Elegancia Popular (2020), these guys have more than proved that the street and freedom are like royalty in this nutty world! So, grab a bottle and jump aboard their caravan for an unforgettable ride. Sidi Wacho was born when two guys, Saïdou, iconic French rapper, and Juanito Ayala, the voice of Chilean cumbia, crossed paths. There was an instantaneous recognition for two artists hungry for social justice and righting human and systemic wrongs: Down with imperialism and racism, with our mics, we’ll catch you out on the world stage!


“Sidi” is the Arabic equivalent of the English “Mr.” while “wacho” is what Chileans would call a street kid. The perfect symbiotic relationship to expel chaos. An urbane hip-hop unleashed in the name of those heroes who have fought for social justice, and everyone is invited. Sung in French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese, Sidi Wacho’s music rolls out at a frantic pace because, for fiery souls, life and fun wait for no one. The breathy spasms of Jeoffrey Arnone’s accordion, the trumpets in Balkan fury and percussions by “El Pulpo”, it’s a real trip for senses. Their recent album, Calle Sound System, has received global recognition, including the hit “Lejos de Casa” which acts like a switch for the whole body. Another gem of a poetico-political message with a powerful effect. On stage, the explosive effect is multiplied tenfold. Craving musical road trip to Valparaíso? Get your dancing shoes ready because Sidi Wacho will transport you there in a flash!

Sidi Wacho
France, Chile
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique 2023