In August 2012, Marcus Freitas (Dj Mks) and Wallace Roza (Dj Skambo), launched the Tupi Collective project, exploring the rhythms of Brazilian music (i.e. Forró, Maracatu, Samba-Soul, Samba Rock, Hip-hop, and Funk among others).


Tupi Collective is a duo of vinyl collectors who have invested their time to bring their collection of Brazilian records to Montreal, exploring all genres of their native groove. From reggae to samba, hip-hop to forró, and an amalgam of new and old school Brazilian rhythms, the collective mixes a diaspora of styles into their sets, taking their fans on a tropical journey. Their listeners and fans are very enthusiastic about their projects and parties, displaying a range of dialects that are much more than just bossa nova and samba rhythms.

Brazil - Quebec
Year long shows - 2022