All of Montreal remembers Nomadic Massive from back the early 2000s, the high-voltage band whose sound is still reverberating around the world, juggling hip-hop with attitude, like the Wu-Tang Clan, the Fugees and many others. Among the band’s members, with his long his mane and large dark eyes, is Waahli, gifted with a way with words and improvisation. And he has a lot to say….


Born in Montreal to a Haitian family that revers Tabou Combo and the soccer legend and musician, Coupé Cloué, he sings in English, French and Creole as he rolls out his Haitian culture like a red carpet with his ingenious rap and Afrobeat. Still touring with his nomadic mates, from South America to France, Waahli has released two of his own albums, Black Soap in 2018 and Soap Box in 2020. Two new pages in his life story as his fame increases, opening onto Africa and the “¨Pearl of the Antilles.”   Lively music mixed with sweet melodies, like “Te revoir,” sung in duet with Malika Tirolien, which became a hit on CBC Music as soon as it was released.

Haiti, Qc
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