Country: Algeria (Kabylia)
Club Balattou
4372 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z5
Date: 12/14/2023
Time: 21:00
Price: 10$
2 for 1 online offer, with promo code ''CANA2P1'' --//-- Tickets on sale at the door the evening of the show ($10)



ONLINE PRE-SALE: 2 for 1 promotion, with promo code: CANA2P1


The ASAKA group is a Kabyle expression group created by friends who met in Montreal between 2012 and 2013. At the beginning, it was, for them, a question of overcoming the distance from their country that is Algeria and have fun performing old pieces of all styles. Du Matoub, Slimane Azem, Idir and others. Inna-y-as Matoub: “Win iεeṛḍen tacriḥt tsekkurt ur iqenεara”. It is in this sense that after having tasted the pleasure of music and the inner happiness that it was able to provide them, that its members who composed it (Rachid Maameri, Hmanou Khalloufi, Hocine Tounsi, Ali Houassi and Djamal Sahnoune) decided in 2015 to give a name to this group and, therefore, give it an official framework. ASAKA is therefore in Kabyle, “the bridge ” in French, aims to be a representative of the Amazigh culture and language in Quebec. The musical orientation of the group has changed over time, especially with the arrival of Ferhat Asma, a virtuoso of music and stage, who has accompanied several singers such as Ali Amran, Abranis and the late Lounes Kheloui. He was able to breathe new life into the group, which since his arrival has continued to evolve musically, tackling high-end titles like the songs of Idir, Brahim Izri, Chikh Elhesnaoui may God rest their souls and many others.

Their first official scene was the participation in the launch of the second edition of the Amazigh Month of Montreal, in 2017, organized by the FAAN (the Amazigh federation of North America) and among the other most notable scenes is that of the last year (in July 2022). Finally, the group represented the Kabyle community at the ATSA (charity) program on May 13, 2023.

Their first composition was the song entitled Bu Nnya (The naive) published on Facebook and on the group’s YouTube channel in December 2023.

The second composition deals with the theme of mother “Yemma” where it mixes a traditional melody with modern music. It will be released as an HD clip around October 2023.

Today the group is made up of four permanent members who are: Djamal Sahnoune (singer, composer and lyricist), Ferhat Asma (bassist, arranger and composer), Mehdi Ogal (percussionist and hearts) great value with his knowledge of traditional rhythms and of Algerian varieties and Kamel Messaoudi (guitarist and hearts) a great potential for guitar playing acquired over time by his tendency to play in the Rock style by covering Beatles titles in this case.




The legendary Club Balattou, and all its team, is happy to welcome you, with the “Cabaret acoustique Nuits d’Afrique”.
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