Semi-final #3 - Syli d'Or 2023 • MÉDUSE x LIL K HPB x ORCHESTRE SABOR 19

Country: Quebec • Burundi • Latin America
Musical style: Balkan, Tropical Fusion • Hip-Hop, Afrobeat • Salsa, Cumbia
Syli d'Or - 16th edition
Club Balattou
4372 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z5
Date: 04/20/2023
Time: 20:00
Price: FREE

Semi-final #3 - Syli d'Or 2023 • MÉDUSE x LIL K HPB x ORCHESTRE SABOR 19

Welcome to the last of the 3 semi-finals of the 16th edition of the Syli d’Or de la Musique du Monde!



Come and support the vote of a jury of professionals to choose the 3 artists who will go to the final.

Attend the concerts on April 18, 19 and 20 at Club Balattou and support your favorite artist!

You will be invited to fill out an evaluation form. It is important to EVALUATE the THREE PERFORMANCES of the evening and to attend all three performances.



Discover for this third evening of semi-final :


▷ MÉDUSE | Balkan, tropical fusion (Quebec)


Méduse is a group that was born in the spring of 2021. Since their inception, they have composed about fifteen pieces, performed in several concerts in Quebec, and released their first EP. Carrying in their hearts the will to show the modern world that acoustic music is still relevant, these six multi-instrumentalist musicians project you into a repertoire that can be latino, balkan, operatic, song-based, tropical and even metal. Méduse takes you on a strangely delicious musical experience that will resonate in your mind and ears for a long time.



▷ LIL K HPB | Hip-Hop, afrobeat (Burundi)


Originally from Burundi, Karagira Owen Berel, better known as “LIL K HPB” is a young rapper and songwriter. His passion for rap began at the age of 10 when he rapped in the streets with his friends. It was in 2015, when he moved to Rwanda that he formed “HPB” with T-Point. In 2018, he released his very first single: Seen. In 2019, he launched his first EP of 7 tracks : Game of songs. Finally, in 2020, he introduced his first album Confusing Solutions and moved to Montreal for his solo career. His track LaLa released in 2021 is the most famous track of his discography. He is one of the most promising young talents in the musical industry of the East African diaspora.



ORCHESTRE SABOR 19  I Salsa, Cumbia (Latin America) 


In 2017, Eduardo Ramirez and Mac Gregore Brunis met at a dance party in Montreal. Both passionate about Latin music and salsa, they decided to create the group Sabor 19 in 2018. Over the months, they welcomed various musicians to finally create a full band. The number 19 represents for them the year of the beginning of a beautiful story. To this day, the band has 11 members and they have played in more than 25 concerts across Montreal and Quebec. Since 2022, they have been creating their own compositions with the same objective: to make their audience dance.