Senaya - Album launch concert

Country: Guadeloupe-Senegal
Nuits d'Afrique à l'année - MHN 2023
Lion d'Or
1676, rue Ontario est
Date: 02/23/2023
Time: 20:30
Price: 15$
As part of the event series ''African music in all its splendour''

Senaya - Album launch concert

Senaya’s music is a call to light, to the ancestors of the Guadeloupean people, of their African ancestors. It’s also an awakening, an appeal to people of all nations to unite and develop genuine solidarity.


Senaya will introduce her new album,Soûlkreôl Vol. 1. Roots//Racines, that will be released under the Disques Nuits d’Afrique label on February 24, the day after her concert!


The fiercely and magnificently free Senaya, who was born in Dakar of a Guadeloupean mother and Senegalese father, never fails to light up the stage. This singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist deftly blends African and Caribbean rhythms with jazz, funk, blues, folk, R&B and even African American spirituals into her SoûlKreôl.


With her rich and soulful voice and incredibly charismatic stage presence, she creates fabulous music that celebrates life and feeds the soul.



An event presented in collaboration with the TD Bank Group



Productions Nuits d’Afrique presents, in partnership with TD Bank Group, African music in all its splendour.  A special program, offering 6 concert-events as part of Black History Month !





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