Country: Gambie, UK
Le National
1220 Ste-Catherine est
Date: 03/08/2024
Time: 20:30
Price: 54,25 $ - 61,25$

Sona Jobarteh (Brazil) – 8 March 2024 – Le National

“From her masterful playing, strong melodies emerge, resplendent, often joyful energy (…) marking the accession of an artist capable of applying a modern sheen to West-African traditions (La Presse, 2022).” This British-Gambian artist proudly takes centre stage with her majestic kora: an unusual but welcome sight that inspires hope, seeing a woman confidently master this iconic and symbolic instrument; seeing her embody the tradition and fully embrace her griot status; seeing her not hold back from her desire to shake up conventions even more with a touch of jazz, as she garners tens of thousands of views on virtual platforms. Her second album, Badinyaa Kumoo (2022), which was seven years in the making, also features the legendary Youssou N’Dour.

Dividing her time between England and Gambia, Sona Jobarteh is blazing a path for women Kora players in Africa. From New York to Paris, the media follows her every step. And she doesn’t only appear on stages but also participates in international conferences. Her boundless humanity spills over into her social concerns, and she has taken an active role regarding music education in Gambia. After a memorable concert on the outdoor stage at the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique last July, Sona will be performing  indoors this time, accompanied by her young son on balafon. 

An event presented in collaboration with the TD Bank Group

Productions Nuits d’Afrique presents, in partnership with TD Bank Group, “Women of the world raise their voices“.  A special program, offering 5 concert-events as part of Black History Month!