Jean Jean Roosevelt - Acclimatisation

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe

World Music
# AFR2-2321

With the release of Acclimatisation (Disques Nuits d’Afrique), the haitian-born singer-songwriter Jean Jean Roosevelt highlights his recent move to Quebec and start the celebration of his new album available in February. A veritable ode to integration, this track takes us on a journey, blending Haitian rara with very modern tropical and pop influences. A deliberate contrast between the cold of winter and the warmth of the islands, Jean Jean uses French-language  to convey his reality as a newcomer to Quebec, with humour and intelligence.

In collaboration with Sony Black, Corneille’s early producer, on arrangements and synths, and Wisly Papouloute on drums and piano, the artist offers a high-quality single, somewhere between pop and world music, on the universal theme of mixing cultures. A thrilling hors d’oeuvre heralding a world-class album to be enjoyed without moderation on music streaming and download platforms.



Jean Jean Roosevelt is born in Grand-Anse, in the south-west of Haiti. He inherited his artistic talents from his parents: in fact, it is said that he was born while his mother was directing a local choir! His father was a guitarist, so he grew up in an environment that stimulate his own talent. He learnt to play guitar at the age of six, and went on to win local competitions on a regular basis.

As an author and composer, Jean Jean’s poetic and committed lyrics are his artistic strength. Sung mainly in French, but sometimes in Creole, his songs tackle themes such as living together, social networks, solidarity, gender equity, children’s rights and environmental protection. His music, nourished by diverse influences, reflects the cultural melting pot that is inseparable from Haitian history. Jean Jean Roosevelt’s Creole rhythms (Nago, Ibo Yanyalou, Djouba, Kongo) blend with reggae, RnB, afro-beat and modern sounds.

The artist is currently preparing the release of his new opus Libre Ensemble (Disques Nuits d’Afrique), produced with award-winning producer Sony Black (Corneille), due out in February 2024. The first single, Acclimatisation, is available now on all digital platforms worldwide.