Compilation 30 ans

Club Balattou

Club Balattou
30 years
World Music

Club Balattou (which means Bal for all, all rhythms, all cultures) has been raging for 30 years now!


We dance there on the most recent African, Latino and West Indian successes. Proof of its great notoriety that goes far beyond the borders, more than twenty songs written on the Balattou Club are played around the world. Reference in world music in Montreal, he continues to rally all audiences.


What better way to blow his candles, than to offer a compilation of the tubes of the last 3 decades that make the public dance Balattou!


This compilation will take you for sure in an effervescent atmosphere worthy of the 30th anniversary of Club Balattou!



Listes des pistes:

1. ALPHA BLONDY – Brigadier Sabari, extrait de l’album Jah Glory

2. SEKOUBA BAMBINO – Télégramme, extrait de l’album 15e anniversaire

3. MEIWAY – 200% Zoblazo, extrait de l’album 200% Zoblazo

4. BALLOU CANTA – Soki, extrait de l’album Boboto

5. TABOU COMBO – L’argent ne fait pas le bonheur, extrait de l’album Konpa to the world

6. TIKEN JAH FAKOLY – L’Afrique doit du fric, extrait de l’album Coup de Gueule

7. KÉKÉLÉ – Delali, extrait de l’album Congo Life

8. PAPA WEMBA – Yolele, extrait de l’album Emotion

9. ALPHA BLONDY – Lune de Miel, extrait de l’album Elohim

10. LOKÉTO – Extra Ball, extrait de l’album Extra Ball

11. QUATRE ÉTOILES – Papy Sodolo, extrait de l’album Sangonini

12. MANU DIBANGO – Ouana Di Lamba, extrait de l’album La fête à Manu