Nomadic Massive

Québec World music

Biography :

In the veins of Nomadic Massiv there flows the blood of Africa, Europe, Canada and Haiti, a crossroads of influences that makes their hip hop incomparable and beloved. Since 2004, this group of 10 artists has got Canadian and European audiences dancing, and they are not likely to stop there. Their energy and appetite are unmatchable!

Whether singing in French, English, Creole, Arabic or Spanish, the 10 members of Nomadic Massive blend their voices and sound to produce a hip hop tinged with reggae, funk and Caribbean musical styles. Backed by talent instrumentalists, the group’s four MCs ensure an atmosphere marked by communicative pleasure.

In 2004, soon after its creation, the Montréal-based group brought out an initial EP, Nomad’s Land, which sold by the thousands during their stage performances. With this success, they signed up with the distribution label Public Transit Recordings. They are now distributed by Outside Music Canada.

From the start, the members of Nomadic Massive have proven their curiosity. Travelling to Cuba or Brazil, they have enriched their compositions and recorded mix-tapes distributed under the name Get Down. In 2009, they brought out their first album, Nomadic Massive. There would follow Supafam Mixtape in 2012 and the EP Any Sound in 2013. In 2016, they recorded a new album set for release in June.

On stage, their energy and obvious pleasure quickly become their trademark. None of their concerts leaves spectators indifferent. Over the years, they have become known in Québec and were recognized as the top local hip hop group by the Montréal Mirror in 2009 and 2010. During those years, they shared stages with Ariane Moffatt, Wyclef Jean and K’naan, among others. And in 2013, Nomadic Massive had the honour of being invited to the Printemps de Bourges in France.

Nomadic Massive

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