Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive is a Montréal-based Caribbean collective with a message that travels beyond geographic boundaries. Its six members, varied in their origins, are a paragon of blending, showing French, Haitian, Algerian and Québec influences. Eager to rally large throngs, they rap and sing in English, French. Creole, Spanish and Arabic, creating a multicultural footprint and expounding values of openness to the world that they never fail to share. 


In 2005, the group released an independently produced début EP called Nomad’s Land. The disc was well received on the local and international scenes. The group’s fiery performances have earned richly deserved renown.


In 2008, the group put together a tour in São Paulo and across Brazil, taking the opportunity to collaborate with local artists. Their confidence, inspiration and initiative drew the attention of Outside Music, which in 2009 offered national distribution of their second album, Supafam, released in 2012.


Never far from the swing of things, the group has explored new directions, performing in French Guiana and the United States as well as across Canada and in France to promote their EP Any Sound


In 2016, after three years on international stages, this nomadic band released The Big Band Theory. Conceptualized and composed over a three-year period, this album is characterized by flamboyant staging, dense explorations between the rebellious and softer beats found in seventies soul, the blended and cosmopolitan sound of contemporary scenes and the lively and transcendent sound of avant-garde rap.


Calibrated for dance floors, its latest album, TIMES, was released in 2019. The sextet continues to assert the sound it has built over its long journey to offer a disc that is as intense as it is controlled and that speaks of current issues such as technological excesses and environmental crises. In this way, Nomadic Massive has proudly flaunted the colours of its committed hip-hop for more than 15 years.

Nomadic Massive