Beby Koita

MARIAM KOITA or Beby Koita is a slam artist of Malian nationality, born in 1998 in Burundi. National Champion Massa slam 2016 in Mali at the age of 17, Mariam continues her artistic career to promote this art in her country.


As a woman in slam, and ambassador of “the cause of the girl”, she valiantly represents the colors of her country in 2017 in Chad for the festival of slam N’Djam and at the international festival of slam in Abidjan (Babi slam), in 2019. That same year, she performed in Canada for the FISPA (Festival international du slam poésie d’Acadie). In addition to being an artist, she shares her passion through slam workshops.


She is a founding member of the first female slam group in the sub-region called Maralinké (Mali) and of the slam club Agoratoire (Mali). She participates in the Slam and Eve project of the VOICE4THOUGHT program in the Netherlands, led by the Chadian slammer Croque-mort and Mirjam De Brujin. 


She also participates in slam projects on early and forced marriage with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Mali. Mariam uses slam as a kind of therapy.


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Beby Koita
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