Considered as one of the most fascinating singers of contemporary Brazilian music, Fabiana Cozza puts her deep voice at the service of the Samba, nourished by her research which brought her from Bahia to Cape Verde, Congo or Angola, on the traces of her African roots.


Fabiana Cozza has one of the most amazing voices to emerge from Brazil in recent years and is considered by her compatriots to be one of the leading national performers of Afro-Brazilian music. Her repertoire reflects knowledge of the many cultures of Brazil, as well as a love for the many ways in which music has emerged from the African diaspora. Many of his songs are written by young Brazilian composers who share his interest in the relationship of Brazilian music with New World cultures. Her instinct for good writing, enhanced by her extraordinary voice, gives birth to a sensual, evocative and powerful music. His last album Dos Santos (2020) was considered by critics as one of the most important releases of the last years.


In parallel to her artistic career, Fabiana Cozza is developing her doctorate in music at the prestigious Unicamp (State University of Campinas in the province of São Paulo) on voice and afro-diasporic rhythms. The research was inspired by his workshop “Corpo da Voz” (Body of the Voice) for singers, actors and people interested in studying the voice as a creative power, a path to self-knowledge and artistic development. Cozza has extended her work as a teacher, thinker of Brazilian culture and researcher beyond the Brazilian territory, having conquered students and interlocutors in California, Israel, Cuba, France, Cape Verde, Argentina, among other countries where she has taken her art.

Fabiana Cozza
MHN 2023