Coming straight from Bogota, the Afro House trio of Ghetto Kumbé brings together three virtuoso musicians from the Colombian Caribbean coast: Edgardo “Guajiro” Garces, Andres “DocKey” Mercado y Juan Carlos “Chongo” Puello.

Before coming together to create Ghetto Kumbé in 2015, the 3 musicians toured the world with projects such as the legendary fusion band Sidestepper or the Salsa band La 33.


Ghetto Kumbé is a combo of singing and percussionist wizards who summon audiences around the world and the pagan spirits of digital and conscious rumba. Impossible to resist their dance-trance ritual. It’s a powerful elixir of percussion, Caribbean electro beats, traditional West African and Afro-Colombian rhythms, and Afro House.


Ghetto Kumbé is inspired by the different revolutionary movements that are born in the world to launch its first album co-produced with the English The Busy Twist, in 2020 on ZZK Records, the pioneer label of Latin American electronic music. This intense, committed and rebellious self-titled debut album denounces inequality and abuse by corrupt governments over frenetic beats while drawing listeners to join the struggle. 


With African and Colombian Caribbean sounds such as Gaita, mystical vocals, wide varieties of percussion and traditional rhythms, mixed with elegant Tech/House electronic production, Ghetto Kumbé creates an dynamic, engaging and inspiring Afro-futuristic soundscape. 


His first single “Vamo a Dale Duro” is a critique of the divide between rich and poor, the increasingly corrupt politicians and the all-powerful capitalist system. The tone of the album shifts seamlessly between each song, which contains ancestral chants, deep and resonant voices, crowd-raising and inspiring anthems.

Colombia - Quebec
Festival international Nuits d'Afrique - 36e