Young singer-songwriter, originally from Burkina Faso, Kenzow settled in Montreal six years ago, after a stint in France. If it happens that we hear him play in the streets of Montreal or in the subway, Kenzow is an artist who, by dint of perseverance, has managed to take his place in the Quebec cultural scene. 


With urban afro pop and reggae sounds in the style of West Africa, Kenzow sometimes gets lost in the soukous corners, wishing to touch and move as many people as possible, regardless of their origins. Very inspired, the musician spends his time looking for new sounds, often accompanied by his guitar. 


Son of the famous African director Idrissa Ouedraogo, Kenzow has been rocked by art and culture since his childhood. In 2018, he won the Bronze Syli of the 12th edition of the Syli d’Or de la musique du monde: “People want something refreshing,” Kenzow explained to The Gazette, saying he wanted to bring the coolness of West African guitar to the streets of the city.

Burkina Faso - Qc
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique - 36e édition